Proud to be an A School!
Work Hard. Work Smart. No Excuses. Be Smart!

Wayman Academy of the Arts Mission

WAA will provide a relational, relevant and rigorous academic and arts program. Our goal is to develop a school-parent partnership whose vision and mission is developing and nurturing thinking, competent, self-confident, and, yes, happy students prepared to successfully complete secondary education. Additionally, we join the Duval County Public Schools in inspiring “all students to acquire and use the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a global economy, and culturally diverse world.”

The Wayman Academy of the Arts Pledge

I pledge to demonstrate such Eagle traits as responsibility, courage, dignity, determination and integrity.

I further pledge to help my classroom and school to become a place where each person is inspired and encouraged to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

I will spread my wings and SOAR toward my dreams!